Sound of Music... What they're in their PJs... it's on topic!

Sound of Music... What they're in their PJs... it's on topic!

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie fans. Happy Thursday to you and you and you. {Quick aside… I have that annoying ‘Sound of Music’ song stuck in my head… you know this one.}

I have absolutely NO idea why it’s stuck in my head but like any good ear worm it must be shared in its most contagious state. Enjoy!

And back to our regularly scheduled Fitting Tip Thursday.

Today we are going to take another look at how a poorly fit bra can make you look worse and not better.

The video today was produced by Woods of Morecambe and is fittingly titled “Fit to Burst”.

You may have noticed that they are promoting the measuring tape method of fitting, which has become a huge issue in the lingerie world. I don’t think the measuring tape is all evil. In fact, I think it is probably a really good idea for more women to self-measure and take a more proactive stance in their bra fitting. After all, if you have no clue what your band size measurement is… how are you going to be able to pick out a bra anywhere close to your actual size?

close-up of a woman measuring her bust

If more women were realistic about the size of their chest, then they would have better grounds for going into a lingerie store and finding a better fitting bra. The issue comes when people tell them to add 4 or 5 inches to the measurement {I still have no clue why this strategy still gets used} and when women are unwilling to admit that, though the measurement tells them one thing, FIT is the ultimate determinant of which bra to get.

Blogs such as Invest in Your Chest and Busts 4 Justice have been working really hard to bring attention to this issue and are truly fighting the good fight!


Apart from the whole measuring tape thing, the video points out some important indicators of a poorly fitting bra and even better tell you what those problems indicate. Most people would assume that if your straps are digging into your shoulders that you would need to get a larger bra size and not a smaller band size. It’s this type of information that most women are unaware of, so I applaud the lingerie stores for creating these videos to educate the public with all the information that has been deemed taboo by past generation, cultures and societies.