Happy Monday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

I have a wicked Must-Have-Monday for you this week!!

It’s been kinda wearing at me ’cause my package of retro lingerie finally came in the mail last week and I couldn’t tell you about it ’till now.


Kiss Me Deadly Delacroix silk ivory set

Kiss Me Deadly Delacroix silk ivory set

Imagine my dismay if you will. There I was all “La, La, La, Smiley, Giggley and emanating pure sunshine!” on the way back from the post office, where they had been holding my special delivery silk lingerie for TWO DAYS!

{rant, rave and soapbox-standing about a postal service that delivers but isn’t open outside of business hours for pick up by folks who also work business hours and can’t be waiting around to accept deliveries…rant, rave and curmudgeonly fall of my soapbox}

Shakes Fist at ridiulous PO hours of operation

Shakes Fist at ridiculous PO hours of operation

I got home and carefully unwrapped my treasure.

{squealing with delight the whole time…seriously I think I woke up every dog in the neighbourhood with my high-pitched emissions…humble apology to all the pets in the area for my overzealous unwrapping delight… I put the blame on the post office for making me wait too long!!!!}

It was wrapped in the sweetest little pink box, tied with a black satin ribbon. A perfect little treasure and treat for the eyes.

I absolutely adore a company that gets that shopping online is all about the thrill of the delivery and the delayed gratification of opening the parcel. Kudos to If You Please!

Once I had the top off, the treats inside were wrapped in black tissue, secured with a sticker and enveloped with some fabric flower petals… so sweet.

Guess what I got… It was the very last one “If You Please” had in stock and on sale (swoon and sigh and just a little bit of nyah nyah, nya, nyahhh nyahhh). I’ll give you a hint. It’s a set from Kiss Me Deadly.

{As if you couldn’t tell from all the title of the post or all the images so far right? But just play along anyway… I’ll appreciate it!}

Sorry, I can’t hold out any longer. It’s the Delacriox set in the Midi-line Bralet and Bikini Knickers in black.

Delacriox Black Kiss Me Deadly

Delacriox Black Kiss Me Deadly

Stunning right? I know!!!!!

I’ll be sleeping in them all week so I’ll let you know how they work out. For now, they have been simply residing in their little pink box while I oohed and ahhed over them and delighted in their simple presence.

The silk is so soft and dream worthy, I can’t wait to sleep in them. So with that said, I’m off to bed to enjoy some silken luxury.



ps. I really love the way the way the french knicker style looks… could be just what I’ve been looking for to answer my need for “big knickers” that still pack a sexy punch…