Garden Lingerie

Garden Lingerie

Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends!

I have been slowly but surely trying my best to educate my dear friends and family on proper fit for bras and lingerie for the past few years. The biggest battle I have, apart from the usual barrier of modesty and complete reluctance to discuss underwear and bras, has been that they truly have NO CLUE how a bra should fit!

Most people were improperly fit the first time they put a bra on. Not to mention that watching all the Victoria’s Secret Models wearing bras that are at least a few sizes too small has really made my mission to properly fit women, an uphill battle! GRRRR.



{Shakes fist at all the supermodels getting rich off the common woman’s pain and discomfort! I’m looking at you Heidi Klum}

For today’s Fitting Tip Thursday, I will be letting the expert ladies at Bravissimo tell us how a bra should fit.

I think the myth busting that these fitting videos undertake should be essential viewing for all women. After all, we spend at least 16 hours a day wearing these things, we should be comfortable and know what to look for right?

Now that you know… go forth and spread the word! Don’t let your Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Neighbors and that annoying Chickie knocking on your door to sell you duct cleaning at dinner time struggle through life in uncomfortable and detrimental to your health and posture underclothes!