Halle Berry Works This Suit

Halle Berry Works This Suit

Happy Tuesday my Swimwear and Lingerie Peeps!

Yah, thats right I said “Happy” Tuesday. You know why? Because every day of the week CAN be happy, not just Fridays and I am going to keep hammering that home until we all accept it. Gosh Golly Darn It!

{Eep, look at me cursing all Amishish…Sorry for the strong language folks, I’ll try to keep my happy
passion in check}

Amish Swimwear ?

Amish Swimwear ?

…and we’re back.

{blink blink…what? Burned into your retinas you say? Surely you’re exaggerating…}

Shake it off, shake it off…stop crying… the image will fade from your mind.. repeat after me, You are NOT permanently scarred by what you have just seen! Fine… I’m sorry.

C’mon, it was either that or a dirty leprechaun in a mankini joke. I think we can all agree that I made a wise-ish choice.

For once, our Totally Retro Tuesday is a Vintage Swimwear focus rather than vintage lingerie. Refreshing right? Kinda?

Still have’t forgiven me for the mostly naked, top hat wearing dudes above, have you? Again, very sorry.

Take a quick look at our video below and you will see where the Retro in Totally Retro Tuesday comes in!

Pretty awesome pics right? I adore the early two piece swimsuits, but mostly I love the slightly naughty, definitely mischievous looks on the faces of those rebellious women! You go you bad ass chicks! Way to break down the barriers and wear whatever the heck you want!