But Evidently Doesn’t Make Me Any Smarter!

Well, Hi there Swimwear and Lingerie fans. Welcome to Must Have Monday.

How was your weekend? Inspiring? Restful? Elegant? Yah, me neither. I spent the majority of my weekend in one arena or another and I have to tell you, the very pungent aroma of sweaty young men… not so inspiring, elegant or restful.

Frankly, it’s a real relief to be able to escape to my happy place {here, the land of lace, frills, lingerie and happy smiley, non smelly folk!} and immerse myself in some things that will NEVER EVER have that kind of all encompassing stank.

The weather has finally caught up to the calendar month and we actually have some heat coming our way. So, I spent Sunday breaking out all my Spring and Summerish clothes and forgetting about the drabby gray weather while twirling about in my lighter more body conscious styles.

However, while wearing my more body conscious styles, I became more… well… body conscious.

You see, a funny thing happened on the way to the gym. I didn’t really go all that much. At all. For the past few months.

After a very loooooooong winter of heavy sweaters and long draping layers {And too many trips to Tim Hortons for honey crueller Tim Bits}

my wee body is a wee bit, ummm, shall we say less muscular and toned rather than flabby and definitely out of shape. Definitely not so “wee” anymore.

{Damn you Tim Hortons and your damned super tasty, overly addictive, sugary, little calorie bombs!!!} [Shakes a flabby fist in their general direction]

With this in mind, I went shopping for some comfy yet supportive shapewear. I didn’t want to add extra layers with a waist cincher or a girdle. That would defeat the whole purpose of the light and seasonal wardrobe.

I have a little secret about my Must Have Monday that I will share with you, if you if you promise not laugh.

Back to our regularly scheduled post.

I found everything I was looking for all in one package from Intimidea.”The seamless lingerie trade-mark Intimidea has firmly established itself on the Bulgarian market” and apparently right here in Canada too. They are known for their seamless designs and comfortable shapewear.

A panty with tummy control. It’s styled with a full back and with a reinforced control panel that isn’t overly restrictive . The top is extended and seems to reach all the way up to my sternum.

They are a seamless design, so there shouldn’t be any rubbing or chafing to annoy me, which is essential for keeping the too sweaty/hot/restricted/crabby Maggie at bay. Trust me, it’s in everyone’s best interest to appease THAT beeyotch.

The material is light, stretchy and so comfy that I would have forgotten I was wearing them… if it weren’t for one small issue.

My apparently stunted and short torso.

Yup, my dwarfish top half is so small that I could probably extend the control top right over my head like some creepy lingerie-clad robber, or I could wear them like a stretchy control top mock turtleneck with no arm holes.

Sadly, the top of the undies kept rolling over and bunching and being a general nuisance, exactly the opposite of the smoothing and controlling that the label promised. GAH curse you genetics that gave me big boobs and a puny torso.

So, I’m faced with the issue of needing to go down a size (and potentially earn some super-grippy, visible panty lines) or doing some DIY home repair and modifying them for a proper fit. The fabric is a microfiber, so it’s unlikely to unravel, however, it can be a real pain-in-the-hoooha to sew…. so….not to mention, taking a seamless garment and adding in a seam, would be the height of bizarre.

Hmm, not really sure what I should do. I could always just tuck it into my bra and pretend it is an all-in-one shapewear item. I really do love the feel of it and is smoothes everywhere I need it too (and then adds bumps where I previously had none).

Anyhoo, my Must Have Monday kinda fell through, but I really do need a proper shapewear thingy.



What? The secret I was going to tell you?

Oh… ummm, well you may think less of me… I’m not sure I want that to happen.

You PROMISE not to laugh at me?

Okay, fine.

I couldn’t ever hold out on you….

I totally bought the wrong pair. I got these:

Yup, totally bought maternity undies!!!

In my defense… they are really comfy and cozy and my torso, probably isn’t as stunted as I thought… the undies are just VERY generous to accommodate an enlarging belly. Yup, I’m apparently that dense AND… I’m not taking them back I’m keeping them!

Good talk.