Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

Hope you have had an amazing week so far, I know I have. I actually got to go lingerie shopping and overheard a really interesting conversation from the fitting room next to me.

The lingerie store clerk was helping a lady try on some bras and determine her size, and the woman was having a really difficult time getting into her bras. It turned out that she was used to fastening her bras, stepping into them and pulling them up into place.

No, really… I was pretty surprised too!

After the clerk had explained that the having a band size that was snug and didn’t ride up was one of the most important parts of a properly fit bra, the lady needed to learn how to actually put one on.

I started thinking and tried to figure out how many different ways there are to put on bra. I have a family member that always puts them on backwards so that she can do up the closure in front and then turns it around to put her arms in the straps. I always thought that was a rather peculiar way to go about things… now, in light of my recent shopping expedition it seems almost normal…. almost.

So, I figured that today’s Fitting Tip Thursday would feature how to put on a bra to achieve your best fit!

Nahhhh, just kidding, there are easier ways that don’t take quite as many extras and high kicks. Our helpful instructor is a wee bit perky and seems to follow the Aircraft Steward approach to instructing people, but it does contain some useful info!

Hope that helps! Remember, there is nothing wrong with giving the girls a good shake to get them into the cups and then arranging them once they are in. Comfort is everything!