Happy Thursday Swimwear and Lingerie Friends!

Is every one ready for our Fitting Tip Thursday?

Today’s Fitting Tip is a visual feast of DON”T DO THIS!

You see, I can talk and blog ’till I’m blue in the face, but a picture tells a thousand words and has a waaaay better impact!

Let’s begin shall we?

This is your rear shoulder/back view when you wear a bra that is too tight.

Here is your rear view with and without properly fitted lingerie or shapewear… need I say more?

When you try to squeeze into that bra that is too small…it isn’t pretty or healthy!

A properly fit bra is a thing of beauty!

Sometimes bad things happen when you opt for the no support look! Learn from Drew!

If you don’t the uber-creepy lingerie fairy might show up!

Enough said?

I thought so, take these images to the bank (or your local lingerie boutique) and remember that you wear these things for over 16 hours a day… shouldn’t you be comfortable and shouldn’t they increase your visual appeal rather than detract from it?