Hallo Swimwear and Lingerie Fans, I’m back and I’m still a whiney little so and so.

I’m really sorry, but quite frankly, when I feel like this… sexy lingerie just isn’t a driving motivation for me not even vintage lingerie. You see my head is still firmly entrenched in swampy-goo mode, my nose is decidedly red and scaley and my voice is cracking and breaking more than a 13 year old boy’s. My apologies for all the time I have giggled about that particular issue… they have my complete sympathy… it isn’t fun.

Today, I’m all about the comfort. So, with that in mind, I think that today’s “Totally Vintage Tuesday” will be about the wild and wonderful world of bed jackets.

Ya, that’s right… I said it… no they aren’t just limited to your 80 year old Grannie. They aren’t just the coolest accessory for the nursing home crowd. Although that delightful crochet pattern is still very risque…

You see a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, they were cool hip and considered essential wear. It was during the era when the elegantly dressed woman had a complete outfit for every occasion. Even the short time that elapsed between climbing into bed and lying down and going to sleep.

Yup those demure, regal and overly styled women of yesteryear sometimes wore slightly naughty bedtime clothing… like the peignoirs we covered in a past posting.

So to appear matronly and somewhat motherish before the lights went out, they wore these rather silly little bed jackets. Basically, the jacket covered up the cleavage revealed by their lace sleepwear while they sat and read before lights out. They were either knit, crocheted or made of quilted or sheer fabric. Often they had a rather cape-like style to them.

Even when the stylish ladies wore granny nighties, they still paired them with a topper for when they sat up knitting in bed, so that they wouldn’t get cold and also to look just so put together and fashionable!

Frankly, I think they may have fallen out of favour, when we all stopped wearing these long flowing gowns and began opting for the whole long t-shirt or Ex-Boyfriend Shirt instead. But you can still get them. Actually, you can still get them at a shocking amount of places like here, here or here.

I gotta say… they look cozy and everything but… well, what a waste of time! If I’m reading, I have a blanket pulled up to keep me warm, if I’m going to sleep, I don’t need to wear a jacket for the 2 minutes it takes me to get from the bathroom and into bed… just saying.

What do you think? Am I just ridiculously grouchy today or were those just silly?



Ps Okay… I think I could totally rock this little red riding hood inspired one… but it would also be worn outside my bedroom and most likely never used in bed, unless some bizzaro fairy tale role playing game was called for….