Hello Swimwear and Lingerie fans!!

Well, how many of you got up super early in order to watch the Royal Wedding this past Friday? I didn’t, I figured that the news would be on reruns all day and that it would be best to see the highlight reel rather than the whole thing…

I know, I know…. what can I say? I really like my sleep.

So on that note, for today’s “Must-Have Monday” post, I decided that the theme would be pjs and sleepwear. I currently have a head cold that feels like a tonne of swampy concrete has filled my sinus cavities and there is a teeny-tiny, angry little person stuck in the middle of it wailing around with a useless jackhammer to demonstrate their rage…. all in all, I feel like a giant bag of poo.

{insert pathetically pouty face here}

So, my criteria for covet-able pjs are;

1) First and most importantly, COMFORT… cause I’m a suckey little whiner at the moment
2) Washable….cause my nose leaks while I am sleeping and I am hacking like a life-long smoker…. spraying a lot of goo too.
3) Kinda cute ’cause just like Monica on Friends… I still want to cuddle…. gross I know
4) Can double as outerwear for those times when I would rather sleep in than get up and get dressed and have to race out the door…, ya, I’m that person…especially when I’m sick and cranky

Right so, on the quest for the perfect sleepy-time stuff, I happened to fall into the Cosabella website and had a hard time choosing from their extensive collections. But when you feel icky..dizzying patterns are not a good bet, so I was able to sort through all the choices fairly easily.

The Spring 2011 Lingerie Collection has the “Milli” style that answers all of my basic needs.

1) Comfort

How cozy do these look? I love the soft stretchy lines of the soft bra and boy short for snuggling up in without any underwires poking me or teeny tiny undies riding up and annoying me.

That robe is chaste enough to answer the door in. Heck I could even run to the mailbox without exposure concerns.

2) Washable

According to the website; “Playing off the seasons predominate color blue jeans, Milli our premier basic pima cotton jersey group, is reworked in a blue jeans based squiggle print.”

Pima cotton jersey is completely washable and doesn’t even require hand-washing like silk, lace or something with underwire or boning would.

3) Cute

Definitely cute, wouldn’t you agree? I like the solid colour blocking of the camisole/tank top with the subtle print of the shorts, robe and underpinnings. Plus, I think that without the infusion of snot and scaly nose I could probably rock these quite nicely.

And last but not least;

4) Outerwear-ish

The shorts evidently come in longer lengths as PJ pants and the cami definitely could be used as a top to go out and about in. Basically, I’m just a pair of ballet slippers and a hoodie away from going out shopping!

Yup, that’s just how I roll sometimes… gotta be honest!

Can’t always be a glamour-puss now can I?

Anyhoo, there you have it folks. My Must-Have Monday Pjs… comfy enough to be pathetically mopy in, sexy enough to be irresistible in!