Happy Spring Swimwear and Lingerie Fans.

My outdoor thermometer is steadily rising and the flowers in my front garden are gearing up for a fullscale bloom. I already have the sweetest little crocuses blooming and my narcissus, lilies and tulips are just waiting for the perfect moment to make their colourful explosions.

Speaking of colour explosions, all the lingerie designers have obviously been anticipating Spring’s arrival in a huge way! Their websites are a visual riot of spring colours and tones and are as beautiful as a Spring garden or bouquet.

I love it!

Another really nice trend I noticed was the sheer prevalence of tap pants being offered this season. What’s a tap pant you may ask?

I’m so glad you asked because that’s our topic for today’s “Totally Vintage Tuesday” post.

The Secret of the Mysterious Tap Pants

In a time long long ago… there lived a common little article of everyday lingerie that seldom received the interest or fanfare that it deserved… it was known as…
{Da Da Dunnnnn}

The Tap Pant!

…right enough silliness, sorry…I’ve been watching a lot of Monty Python lately and I think it may be having a lasting effect on my story telling abilities….

Okay, the tap pant is basically the same thing as french knickers, dance shorts or side cut shorts.

They are women’s underpants that traditionally sit at or below the waist, although the contemporary styles often feature a hip hugging fit. They are loose and usually not figure hugging, resemble men’s boxers somewhat and have slits at the side to create a free flowing effect.

The term tap pant comes from their popularity with dancers for their modesty and ease of movement. Specifically among the tap dance crowd.

…think how much more pleasant the opening segment of “Blossom” would have been, had she had a nice comfy and modest pair of tap pants on???

Basically, they are the ultimate no wedgie, totally comfy lounge undie. As a firm believer in the need for Mankind to make time for more lounging and generalized comfort in their lives, obviously I would be a huge fan of tap pants!.

Check out some of the gorgeous styles being offered on Etsy right now…

Or, if you love to sew up your own things and play around a bit here is an example of some one who saw tap pants and couldn’t live without a pair of her own.

Well, there you have it my buds. Tap pants…who knew, right?