Hello Swimwear and Lingerie friends.

Welcome back to another edition of Totally Vintage Tuesday.

For today, I was thinking about teaching a little tutorial on how to do the vintage lingerie thing as if you were actually a vintage dame.

Surprise, surprise, when I was cruising around on You Tube for inspiration, I happened to stumble upon a video from the wonderful Lisa Freemont titled; ‘Under Your Vintage Duds’-A Guide to Vintage Inspired Lingerie.

Naturally I thought, who better to speak about vintage lingerie than a true devotee.

So with no further ado, take it away Lisa….

Don’t worry, I have all the lovely URLs and web addresses for you, so you too can rock the vintage lingerie look.

She mentioned;

My Baby Jo

and What Katie Did

and finally, Isabella Corsetry

Oh and she also has her own vintage You Tube station called Lisa Freemont Street that you can subscribe to for the best tutorials and fun experiments in Vintage glamour hair, makeup and clothing styles!

Hope you get inspired and have a Totally Vintage Tuesday!