Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Folk!

I’m reeling in shock right now, because it would appear that spring has ACTUALLY shown up!!!! Better late than never right?

In honour of the glorious sunshine and warm balmy breezes I thought I would write about something that is just begging to flutter in the wind… the peignoir.

Now you may be asking yourself, why I would want to discuss something that hasn’t been in fashion since Samantha wiggled her nose on bewitched…

You would be right to wonder, you see I lent a circa 1970’s little paperback, romance novel to a dear friend with strict instructions that he was to read it and that he couldn’t start any other books until he was finished.

That the experience would be enlightening was a given. That I would be harrassed, so many times with questions as to, “What the heck certain words meant”, from a university educated and (… or so I thought) frankly rather intelligent fella I was not prepared for. The one that he was completely peaked about was ‘peignoir’.

He hated how much attention some nonsensical thing-a-ma-jig was given and the fact that he was clueless as to what it meant.

Unfortunately, he was even more annoyed when he googled and found out it was just a really flimsy nightgown and realized that most of the foolish plot had been arranged just so that the wind would blow through as the heroine was wearing it.

Apparently, the mystique of a woman in a gauzy nightgown isn’t quite as compelling in this day and age of thongs and brazillian waxing as it was back then.

Why the heck is it always so windy around them anyways? They may have mystical powers over the weather or something… you never see them just hanging limply now do you?

{fyi, I thought he would be more irritated by the many euphemisms for male and female genitalia and the description of the hero as being a “fabio-type” of a guy}

So, because I only just stopped laughing at him yesterday and it was on my mind, here for your benefit is an explanation of what a PEIGNOIR is and why it deserves to be acclaimed and desired!

Whenever I think of a classic Femme Fatale, I always picture her wearing a peignoir, much like the one pictured here on the stunning Carole Landis.

A peignoir, is a dressing gown or robe that a woman wears over her nightgown for modesty. However, as it usually made of see through gauzy material, it only hid her form through mulitple pleats, layers or folds. Peignoirs are generally loose fitting garments and thus not really recommended for a good weinie roast over an open fire.

So there you have it folks, the peignoir explained.

Oh, I should also mention, that I wasn’t entirely accurate when I said that no one really wore them anymore. Kiss Me Deadly has a gorgeous one in the Van Doren Collection. Isn’t it stunning? You can still buy stunning vintage lingerie peignoirs in pristine, packaged condition but they never seem to get any promotion now do they?

Frankly, I would love to swan around in my negligee and peignoir. It looks so glamorous doesn’t it?