Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Fans,

How was your weekend? Mine was ridiculously busy and quite frankly didn’t envolve anything to do with swimwear or lingerie…sigh So, of course I had to dive right in today to make up for lost time.

Today is “Must-Have Monday” and I was thinking, hmmmm, what has been at the top of my list for so long, but hasn’t been discussed yet?

Had to be Aubade!

Have you heard of Aubade? If yes, feel free to skip down to the meat and bones of the post and if your answer is ‘no’, then allow me to commence the introductions.

Aubade is awesome. Done.

Just kidding, not that they aren’t awesome, they definitely are, but they are so much more aswell. You can peruse their ‘Key Dates‘ section to see the evolution of the brand or you can just read what Aubade says about itself;

“Lingerie created by Aubade is the fruit of a delicate alchemy between our demand for quality, a long corset-making experience, constant research into new materials, shapes, colours, an in-depth analysis of fashion trends and our long-standing passion for women and their power of seduction.

There is today a true seduction “à la Aubade”, revolving around the Brand’s very own four strong values: Sensuality, Complicity, Creativity, and Glamour.

Wearing Aubade is equivalent to wearing top-of-the-range, elegant and refined lingerie, enhancing the body for your own pleasure and that of your loved one.

The Aubade woman is at ease with her body, asserts her sensuality, and plays on her natural femininity. She is romantic, provocative, delicate, naughty, gentle, discreet, audacious, and elegant as well as knowing… She is the mistress of her seductive power, wanting to play with and share it with her man, a willing victim to this game full of humour and seduction.

Welcome to the Aubade world, that of the French Art of loving, where men and women rival each other in seduction, humour and complicity.”

This company really knows how to put together some absolutely luscious lingerie!

It was almost impossible to whittle my list down, so I have cheated somewhat, I hope you don’t mind. Instead of a single item that I am actively coveting… I have opted for a look that I am hopelessly obsessing about.

Aubade Sensuelle Maorie- from their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Breathtaking isn’t it?

Just wait ’till you hear the details.

“Prêt-à-porter inspiration for this very elegant range combining black Leavers lace, with a cardigan effect in a silver grey satin.” How amazing is that? I adore the idea of the “cardigan effect” in lingerie, it puts me in mind of that little bit of innocence and modesty paired up with the delicious extravagance of the black leavers lace all shown off on a backdrop of silver satin… {swoon}

Now, my only concern with the stunning outfit they have shown is that I don’t know if I am as enthralled by the Bandeau Bra, as I am by the Half Cup Bra (Demi Bra)… I love the look of both, but being the type to rock the larger cup, I do prefer the ‘lift and separate action’ of the Demi cup.

There is no question that the waist cincher is stunning and absolutely necessary… now it is just a matter of the undies.

The original picture shows the “Mini Coeur Brief”, which I generally prefer, especially with the “cardigan effect” lace at the top, however, the Tanga has really neat lines to it and would compliment the outfit equally well.

Which would you choose?

The Brief?

or the Tanga?

Tough call right?

Either one, would be gorgeous, but I think I tend to enjoy the coverage of the brief style a bit more, especially with a waistcincher.

Well look at that, I answered my own questions… but I would love to hear what you would choose or which of their other lines from the S/S 2011 Collection you are now coveting!

Have a great Monday and maybe even take a few moments out of your busy day to sit and reflect on what you desire most, lingerie-wise. Call it meditation or a mental break, either way, tell me all about it.