Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

In honour of today being the very first Vintage Tuesday (said with that cool deep voice echoey kind of sound) I thought I would introduce you to a brand-new-to-me designer of Etsy handmade lingerie fame~ Fables by Barrie

According to the website, Fables has been around since 2007. It is designed manufactured and distributed from San Diago, California (That would be the USA) and is proudly sweatshop-free!

I love the way she describes the styling of the Fables line of swimwear- “Fables is a very unique look that brings inspiration from our favorite vintage styles to current times with a modern twist. We like to call our look ‘fashion forward meets past.'”

Fabulous right?

The Fables collection has so many interchangeable pieces that it makes the mind boggle. Usually, you see a suit and it is offered as a one piece or a two piece and that is the extent of it. Blah, boring, no fun!

Not Fables.

There are so many different top and bottom styles just begging to be mixed and matched that you could wear the skimpy little bikini with the ruffle when you are having a strong confident day and one with the higher waist and lower legline for those days when the donuts have been calling…. halllooooo Honey Kruellers!

Her main website has a handy Gallery slideshow feature so you can see the whole collection here or you can see the styles at her Etsy store here.

Now, as we all know… nothing in this world is perfect and I think you can probably guess what my only beef with all this is…..

Yup, you got it. NO LINGERIE!!!

Gah, what are they thinking?

With such a wicked cool design aesthetic, why wouldn’t they have lingerie? Crazy, absolutely crazy! Perhaps this little old post will be the pushey hint they need to jump on the lingerie bandwagon.

Hey, you never know! Stranger things have happened!