Good day Swimwear and Lingerie Folk.

If you recall, I recently decided to dedicate Thursdays as “Fitting Tip Thursdays”. I thought I would ease us into this with a really common issue that every one who wears a bra faces at one time or another.

What does it mean when your Bra begins to ride up on your back?

…and more importantly, how can I fix that?

Basically, what is happening here, is the weight of your breasts is not being evenly supported by your bra. A well fit bra will distribute the weight of your breasts between the band, the shoulder straps and the cups. You should have the middle portion of the bra resting comfortably against your sternum (rib cage).

If the back of the bra is consistently riding up your back in between your shoulder blades then the band size is too large and is being pulled up as your cups are being weighed down.

Unfortunately, this poor fit is not only uncomfortable and irritating, it is also a serious problem for your posture, back and neck health. If the back part of the band is riding up, the shoulder straps may begin to dig into your shoulders and lead to red marks and neck pain from the increased pressure.

Not to mention giving you that “Oh so, sexy hunched over and grimacing look.”

So…. how do we fix this?

The first thing you will want to do is to try hooking your bra onto the first setting to tighten up the band. You will also need to loosen your shoulder straps somewhat to allow the band to stay where it needs to.

But, if this doesn’t work and you find that the bra is still riding up through the day, you will need to have your bra size checked and fitted by a professional fitter. I would advise you to avoid the department stores that only stock the 30 to 38 A-D sizes. Generally speaking, they will try to fit you into a bra size that they carry, whether or not it is your actual size.

Helpful right?

Go to your local lingerie store that has an actual bra fitter and get yourself fit appropriately.

Keep in mind that once you have tried on a good selection of sizes and types of bras you will know which ones to look for on the sale racks. (keep in mind that bra sizes are not standardized and that the size that fits in one brand won’t necessarily give you the best fit in another…. I don’t know why… just another ridiculous part of women’s clothing I suppose!)

WHY ? WHY? WHY? no really why? seriously… how hard is it to satisfy 80% of the bra wearing public? We keep buying and wearing this crap and letting them all get away with not making, stocking or trying to understand our sizes…What other consumer in the world would let themselves be taken advantage of this way?

A properly fit bra will satisfy all of the following BRA COMMANDMENTS (courtesy of Diane Pembert);

1. The underband around your body should be firm but comfortable. You should be able to run a finger under the band. If it’s too tight, you need a larger size or a wider hook placement.

2. The back and front of the bra should be parallel to the floor or slightly lower in the back. The lower edge of the band should anchor between the shoulder blades. The lower the back fits, the better the support.

3. The center panel should lie down against the breastbone, not bridge away from the body. If it doesn’t, your cup size could be too small, or the panel is not large enough to accommodate the separation between your breasts.

4. Underwires should lie flat against your rib cage, enclosing your breasts without rubbing or digging into the soft tissue or your armpit. If they bulge, you probably need a larger size cup.

5. It should have a smooth outline, without bulging at the top or the sides. The cups should not pucker or wrinkle.

6. It should support the weight of your breasts mainly with the broadband and the cups, NOT the shoulder straps.

7. Check your silhouette. The bust should be midway between the top of the shoulder and the bend of the elbow to create a silhouette of balanced proportions.

You will be wearing it for at least 12 hours a day, longer than you wear your shoes… you deserve to be comfortable don’t you?

I think you do.