Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends! Happy Spring… at least I think it’s Spring.

According to the good old calendar it is spring, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. We are up to our eyeballs in stiff crunchy snow over here… Brrrrr, super chilly!

I was feeling kind of blahhh, what with all the cold and not being able to wear my Spring coat that I worked so hard to locate {bottom right hand corner of the cold cellar, hidden behind our Hallowe’en decorations… just for when I forget again next year!}

Either way, I was down, and what do I do when I feel down?

Yup, I head to the interwebz to see what my favourite designers are all up to.

I guess I was really feeling the cold today, because I went looking all the way down under at a neat little designer with a fabulous locally designed and sewn lingerie line called Tickle.

Karen Ezart has created a softly romantic line of lingerie that includes knickers (I think calling your panties, “knickers”, is way more fun than saying underwear…don’t you?) bras, chemises and tops. They are created from comfy, stretchy fabrics that just beg to be cuddled up with and demonstrate her attention to detail with sweet trims and delicate designs.

“Loved and worn by women of all ages, Tickle has been designed for comfort and perfect fit as well as looking hip, and some of the range can be worn as outerwear, beachwear, and loungewear, as well as underwear. To maintain the highest quality and remain ethical the range is sewn locally in Byron Bay not overseas in a sweat shop.”

I love that comfort, flexibility and versatility are all incorporated into her designs. How fabulous to know that the top and underpants you’re wearing can be used at the beach as well. The tops have enough coverage that they could certainly be worn as outerwear, although, I doubt that I would wear them gardening as the young lady in the photo is doing.

The first style to jump out and catch my eye was the Chocolate Cream Top and Boyshort set. Have a look.

I love the colour combination and the strethy lace. but most of all, I really love the back view for these undies! how gorgeous and cozy do they look?

I KNOW, Right?