Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Fans.

I was all excited to come on here today and tell you about some of the fantastic new Spring/Summer 2011 swimwear collections that are coming out these days!!!

But… unfortunately, each time I looked at something I was totally coveting… I found myself repeating the phrase, “I would love to wear that, I just need to lose 15 Lbs.”


{Screw you stupid insecure girl locked inside my brain!!!}

Seriously, I have missed out on so many fun activities over the past few years thanks to my insecurities. I adore, summer and I adore swimming and playing in the sun. I have avoided these activities over the past little while because I wasn’t happy with myself and my body.

While cruising the internetz, I happened to notice that there are a plethora of news items coaching women on how to lose their extra pounds before swimsuit season.

While grocery shopping, each magazine promised me that I could make a drastic difference in my silhouette before the summer weather showed up.


Why do I have to lose weight to have fun?

I really miss playing. I think it is time to call out the magazines once and for all. Stop telling me I have to lose weight to be a part of society.

They should tell me about all the wonderful things that there are for me to do. The events that I need to check out and not reinforce my insecurities.

{SHAKES FIST at all those stupid undermining magazine!}

Sheesh. Phew… okay I feel much better. Really gave the old soapbox a good workout there didn’t I?

Righto, tomorrow some actual swimwear or lingerie… I promise!