Howdy Swimwear and Lingerie readers!

Skimming around on the internet, I happened to find a top 11 list of the predicted Swimwear trends for 2011. Of course I had to read more… I love hearing what other people see in their crystal balls. has posted the trend list and I have to say that they, above all, seem to be the right folks to have an opinion on the new year of swimwear. It’s what they do!

Usually when I read predictions like these, I find myself going; “Yes…yes… unhuh…. nope…yes….wait what? THATs back again? ….aw crap, no!!!!”

For your enjoyment, I will sum up their findings and tell you which of their predictions made me so very happy and which have frustrated me more than this whole ridiculous jeggings thing!

{Seriously.. I hate the super-skinny, ultra-clingy pants trend… I am a curvy person and these do not accentuate curves, they tend to exaggerate them and not in a pleasant way. Not even Conan with his long willowy figure can pull them off! Not good. Let’s bring back boot cut and curvy cut jeans and pants and all will be right with the world!}

…..annnnd tangent over!

The top trend they are reporting on will be a focus on the tooshi! So if you have a booty, be grateful, this is apparently the year to make it your focus piece (which as anyone with a sizable tooshi knows… is just silly… it is ALWAYS the show piece, due to it’s extravagant presence… 2011 is just more accepting of it than past years have been apparently.)

We can thank good old Kim Kardashian for this little reprieve.

The bottoms of bikinis and one pieces will now see far more attention to details such as ruching, glitter and glitz. I, for one, am actually rather excited by all this. How about you?

The other trends are pretty common to other years- more of a vintage feel styling, lots of metallics and glitter and sparkly stuff going on, plenty of animal prints and interesting cut outs and peekaboo sheer panels. Nothing really new happening there.

Which brings me to their #7. “Software with Hardware-Swimsuits are held together this season with prominent metal buckles, buttons and rings that add a luxe, jewelry-like accent to sleek designs”

I was really hoping that this little design detail was going to fade this year. I hate the whole metal hardware swimsuit thing for several reasons;

1. Metals conduct heat. We tend to wear swimsuits outside in the sun where it is HOT. Having your own personal brand on your swimsuit is NOT sexy or comfortable…I don’t care if you are the world’s biggest body modification junkie… no one likes a surprise burn in the shape of a donut between their boobs or on their hips.

2. Swimwear material is light. Metal is heavy. Even when the metal is light, it is still heavier than swimsuit material particularly when swimming. Hence you have an excellent little drag weight located in awesome places so that you spend the majority of your beach visit trying to defy the laws of nature and not over exposing yourself to the rest of the visitors.

3. Metal on skin just isn’t comfortable. There I said it. You didn’t see knights prancing around without a layer under their chain mail…. it isn’t comfy and it smells weird when combined with sweat.

4. It leaves indentations and ligature marks that make even the best bodies look as though they have branded for the meat market. Not cool. Who wants to look like a potential victim of a serial killer or Dexter’s next project?

Phew… got that out of my system. I feel better now!

I am obviously incredibly excited about their #6- the whole boudoir at the beach thing is pretty awesome and certainly paves the way to dual function wear that could really free up a lot of room in the beach bag for more coolers!

Do you have any predictions other than the obvious ones discussed above? Any pet peeves with a current style or type? I don’t want to be the only one with swimwear hang ups. Drop me a line and let me know.