Morning Swimwear and Lingerie types!

After posting about Curvy Kate’s model competition for their next “Star in a Bra” and thinking about other lingerie commercials and marketing campaigns, it reminded me of all the hype surrounding the Lane Bryant, Cacique Intimates television spot.

Do you remember all the hullabaloo about this? If not, let me remind you… if you answered ‘yes’, then you can skip the tutorial and read ahead.

Okay, for every one else… basically Lane Bryant shot a 30 second lingerie commercial with gorgeous model Ashley Graham wearing the new Cacique collection and featured plenty of cleavage.

Basically Fox and ABC censored the commercials and ABC “restricted [Lane Bryant’s] airtime” and refused to air the spot during Dancing With the Stars, while Fox “demanded excessive re-edits and rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of American Idol, but only after (Lane Bryant) threatened to pull the ad buy.”

According to Verena Von Pfetten of “StyleITE“, “there’s a reason magazines generally feature plus-size models in the buff — and it goes back to what Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers calls the “old trope of the voluptuous woman as sexually salacious.”

“So, yeah, Fox and ABC probably thought that the god-given cleavage a larger model has is that much more scandalous than the toned and self-contained figure of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.”

Wait, that’s a really great point! How was the Lane Bryant commercial any different than any of the commercials that Victoria’s Secret has put out over the years?

And there, right THERE is the whole thing. This blogger nails the issue “they show skinny chicks with supple racks ALL the time in Victoria Secret ads on television but a chick over a size 8 gets on television with her buxom bosom and it’s treated as though it was pornographic?”


And now that you are all up to speed on the issues you can proceed to the video!

So… to wrap this all up with a pretty bow… when we see a company like Curvy Kate or HOTmilk about to showcase a beautifully curvy and voluptuous woman in an ad campaign… should we be worried about the backlash from the major networks and industries? How entrenched is this weird bias?

Should the plus size or large cup size lingerie industry be wary of trying to be too mainstream? How do we get the message out to huge corporations like Fox and ABC that we don’t agree with their policies?

Stuff to think on and debate. Tell me what you think… I’m curious to know if I’m the only one who is worried and irritated by the whole concept?