In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it would be fun to take a look at something that used to receive a bum rap from hard-line feminists. Yup Lingerie!

OMG!!!! I know!!!! What a total departure from the norm here on Swimwear and Lingerie! Crazy Man! But hey, that’s just me, always a little edgey, a little on trend and a little bit wildcard.

Seriously though, I was thinking about it being International Women’s Day and I was reflecting on all the things that women have accomplished and advanced with in my own tiny lifetime.

{Shakes fist at the snarky snide-types who are giggling at my age and what I may have been alive to witness…NO I was not one of the original Suffragettes!}

There are women protesters in Lybia being gunned down as they fight for the right to equality and freedom. Women in Cairo who were able to intervene and save a female Western Journalist who was being sexually assaulted by a massive mob of men.

There are women who are quietly living their lives and helping to raise our next generation to continue to question inequality and to refuse to be discriminated against. Honestly, I am completely overwhelmed by the many different examples of all the gains that women have made in the last hundred years.

Plenty of these examples are evident in the lingerie industry!

We are seeing far more women entrepreneurs such as Hopeless Lingerie, Toad Lillie and Ophelia Fancy finding success in their lingerie design stores. Designed and made by women for women.

Not to mention the sheer volume of choice that is now available. Women’s bra sizes now range from below AA cup to beyond K and the focus is not simply on containment but also comfort, back health and fashionable aesthetics. Finally, the fashion industry is listening to women’s needs and when they don’t, women are stepping up and filling the niche.

We have a wealth of fabrics and designs to choose from and are encouraging the younger generation to express their individuality as well by having junior collections of major brands that aren’t insultingly cutesie and childish like Miss Ultimo.

Here is a company that looked at their target market and actively found a spokes-model, Jade Ewen, designs and styles that would be appealing. They have found wonderful success and we can only hope that it rubs off on some of the North American Brands as well!

Companies, such as Zoggs, that we spoke about yesterday, are creating “Modesty Suits” for women who would like to participate in water sports and recreational activities but cannot due to restrictions on their exposure. You may say that they shouldn’t have to cover up to be out in public, but the point is that they should be allowed to participate in society and if they have to cover up to do so, then let us help them do that! I think the more visibility and involvement women have in the world the more they will be able to change!

All of this to say, that I don’t think there is anything swimwear and lingerie can’t do or be used as a metaphor for!

So get out there and enjoy International Women’s Day and revel in your freedoms, we have worked hard for them!