Hiya Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts. It’s a glorious day out there and quite frankly, with all the heat and extra sunshine, I have been daydreaming about vacations, holidays, swimming and relaxing. Which brings me to our topic for today; Swimsuits.

I don’t know about you, but swimwear season puts the dread of public exposure in me. I admit it. I get a little lax in the winter months when it comes to working out and making an effort to eat right. Those deeply calorific comfort foods call to me when the temperature drops and I apparently have little to no self control when I hear their siren call.

Darn donuts aren’t helping either.

Which isn’t to say that I am worried about my form when I strut in my lingerie. Far from it, I’m proud of my curves and I know that I look good and that anyone that sees those curves will appreciate them. In my mind, I’m Jessica Rabbit. In reality…. maybe not so much.

Sadly, swimsuits are another whole ball park in another State. While I know that my darling partner will always adore my form in lingerie and swimsuits for that matter, it is the rest of the viewing public (and my evil, insecure inner voice) that isn’t so supportive. Hence my growing dread and ramped up exercise regimen.

Do you freak out about the fact that people will see you mostly nekkid soon? We should start a support group on a beach. We could post signs that say “No mean people allowed!”. It would be a happy, sunny place…. eh back to reality!

Luckily the swimwear designers have heard our pathetic whimpers and are making some serious efforts to let the swimsuit help a girl to hoist and smooth things without massive amounts of scaffolding and plastic wrap.

The Australian swimwear specialists Zoggs have created a Swimshapes Collection that give “lift and support around the bottom. It also features extra support for tummy control and a shelf bra for a flattering and supportive fit. The 3 key areas, bottom, tummy and bust are all supported with the Booty suit.”

While their suits are primarily focused on performance wear and the designs are more sporty than couture, there are several options that are rather cute and not too Speedo-ish.

I really like the model they have used in the photo to the left here. She has curves and isn’t the scrawny “model” type. I think she is the perfect spokesperson for their Swimshapes line! I also have to admit I really just like the term “booty suit” it makes me giggle and we can all use that on a Monday right? So if you view beach time as being on par with a really bad Monday morning…. then why not start off on the right foot (cheek?) with a booty suit?

The Torquay and the Ella styles both come with the “booty suit” treatment, as well as a shelf bra and tummy control. I just wish that some of their more stylish suits like the Sandon Point and the Mandalay had the butt lifter option too. I would certainly pay for the upgrade.

I actually think it is rather amusing that it is the sportier types of suits that have the butt lift option rather than the recreation types. Were I a sporty type and looking for a performance suit, I would have to assume that my booty would be far more fit and not in need of a little butt lift help. The whole sports and exercise thing and all. Just saying…