Happy Monday, Swimwear and Lingerie Readers!

Have you heard of Curvy Kate before?

Curvy Kate is a lingerie company devoted to the needs of voluptuous women. According to their website;

“We make curvy girls feel fabulous about their figure. Launched in July 2009, Curvy Kate offers a gorgeous collection of DD – K cup lingerie designed
specifically for the fuller bust. We are passionate about fit and proving how incredible a shapely figure can look in a well made bra.

We make sure every garment is tried and tested on naturally fuller busted women with real curves. Only the best fitting designs go into our collections
and no garment is launched until our wide range of fitting models are happy.

Curvy Kate bras not only support and lift a fuller bust but also compliment those killer curves. There are many fresh and fashionable styles to suit
every taste. Keeping the distinctive Curvy Kate signature we bring new and original designs, whilst we target the young fashion conscious customer
our garments appeal to all ages.

We are simply committed to giving curvy women a wide choice of beautiful lingerie that fits and flatters their fabulous figure.”

Not hard to figure out why I LOVE THIS BRAND, now is it? They even choose ‘real’ women (naturally curvy) to be their models so that their customers can see what how the lingerie will fit. This is quite possibly the most endearing marketing strategy a lingerie company could ever employ.

I am sick and tired of seeing a bra that I adore, but having it featured on a person that is at least 12 sizes smaller than me and certainly not anywhere near my cup size. What is with lingerie brands displaying so called larger cup bras on teeny tiny women who are clearly not filling out the larger cup?

So, anyway, off my little soapbox and back to the matter at hand. Curvy Kate is holding its annual “Star in a Bra” Model Competition and I think that every curvy girl on the internet should definitely take a stab at it!

Seriously? What have we got to lose? Nothing!

The chance to be the face of Curvy Kate for a year and wear fabulous lingerie sounds like a pretty awesome prize to me.

However, if you are going to make a play for the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra spot, definitely ensure that you are wearing the correct size bra to properly show off your gorgeous figure! The video below will help you to do just that, courtesy of our dear friends at Curvy Kate;



ps. Be sure to let me know if you do enter the competition….I think it would be really cool to say I knew her when!