Good Morning Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts.

We have a strange story coming out of Laredo, Texas today about some enterprising thieves and over $1 Million dollars worth of stolen lingerie.

It seems these thieves may have ripped off a trailer load of lingerie and then attempted to sell their purloined wares online.

Unfortunately, they tried to sell them to an undercover police officer and were busted (sorry couldn’t help it!!! But really…. you had to know it was coming!).

What I want to know, is how they were able to steal over 111,000 pieces of lingerie, when I can’t even carry a handful of it from the laundry room to my wardrobe, without leaving a slippery trail of silk, satin and lace behind me???

Seriously, that stuff is really stubborn and steadfastly refuses to behave itself!

Now, all silliness aside, I noticed that the original news story didn’t mention who the rightful owner of the lingerie was. I am assuming that it is a large corporation, after all most Etsy lingerie designers don’t have trailer loads stuffed with over a million dollars worth of stock.

Not that it makes a difference, theft is theft. However, my point is that I do realize that the world is in a massive economic downward spiral and that lingerie is definitely a non-essential commodity. It is a luxury for all intents and purposes and that many of us simply can’t afford to pay out $X amount of dollars for something decadently beautiful when money is tight and only getting tighter.

For example, I would love to pick up this basque ensemble from Masquerade Lingerie by Panache;

Sadly, I don’t have the budget for it, so it is just on the dream list for now.

I won’t, however, sidle up to someone, selling something similar from the trunk of their car at drop bottom prices or sitting on a beach holding up a pile of unmentionables, as in the photo at the top of the page.

Frankly, it is a wee bit icky (the whole lingerie, close to your skin and every thing) but also, a real slap in the face to those folk who work their tails off to design and create this stuff. As a lingerie designer myself, it would really suck to see my designs ripped off and copied, but to have my hard work stolen and sold out from under me… man that would really bite!

Where do you stand on this sort of thing? Is a deal ever good enough to tempt you?



Make Lingerie, Not War

Make Lingerie, Not War