Good Morning Swimwear and Lingerie fans.

I have held off as long as I could, but let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is coming and there is no denying it. Generally speaking, I hate Valentine’s Day.

Yup, that’s right…can’t stand it.

Not because I am not a romantic and not because I don’t have any one to spend it with….

You see, I have this wardrobe full of glamorous lingerie and it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves to begin with.

But (and here is the real issue), I hate bringing it out for Valentine’s Day because I have the kind of partner that likes to drone on and on about how Valentine’s Day is a ‘fake’ holiday and that we shouldn’t need a special day to show our love and devotion to one another, especially not a corporate sponsored, capitalistic kind of day.

{editor’s note… this is the only time that my dearly devoted is EVER political… to defend a lackluster response to the holiday which DD claims is deliberate, but is really just an excuse (cover up) for a severe lack of effort and interest}

I have actually wondered if DD is the person responsible for this Anti-Valentine’s Day website or this one. Although Kudos to the second one for the seriously awesome anti-Valentine’s Day Cards!

I think I must be the only person in the world who hates wearing lingerie on Valentine’s Day…. any other day? Fine! Great! Bring it on!

Valentine’s Day?

Nope, pass the granny panties and the old industrial strength maternity bras thank you very much. I will go to extremes to put as little obvious effort into what I wear as possible…. which is rather passive aggressive I suppose, but in my defense you can only be disappointed so many times before you start lashing out!

I would really love to get all dolled up and look like this;

How gorgeous is this ensemble? Seriously, check out the stunning black brocade corset, knickers, garters and those stockings! Eeeee, I get all girl-y and giddy just looking at them. I absolutely adore what Labelle Fairy has to offer. If you haven’t seen their stuff before, you simply must zip on over here and check out what they have to offer!

But, sadly, thanks to my admittedly petty nature, I will most likely be kicking these styles here;

All I want is a little effort, and before you say you get what you give… that has not been my experience… after 16 years I am pretty sure that apart from an initial dating period of 6 months… he has not reciprocated an iota of the effort I used to put in to making the day special. That isn’t too much to ask! A (home made) card or even {gasp} a date!!! Actually, I would cash all that in for a sincere conversation…. simple words that tell me that I am loved, adored and still very much wanted. sniff sniff…..

I would say Cheers, as I usually do when I sign off, but I feel glum and not overly cheery all of a sudden.

So, ya.