Good Morning Swimwear and Lingerie Friends.

I absolutely adore when marketing departments are able to nail an ad slogan, don’t you? So I was completely giglified when I read about PACT. Their slogan is “Change Starts With Your Underwear!”… Bwa haa haaa haa. That is just brilliant isn’t it?

This is a company that is definitely attuned to their customers needs and interests! This is the underwear for the smart consumer. The type of person that wants to purchase from fiscally and environmentally responsible companies that examine every single facet of their operation with an eye to reducing waste, environmentally damaging processing, packaging and posting.

PACT underwear comes packaged in it’s own reusable fabric bag made from off cuts of their products. These are then shipped in a 100% compostable bright green shipping package. So not only do you get some cool fancy pants, made from super soft and comfy organic cotton, but you also get a handy dandy reusable bag and the chance to pat yourself on the back for making your butt and the world feel a little bit better!

Both the men’s and the womens underwear styles come in tons of shapes, styles and colors because as they say themselves, “PACT works with artists and designers to create some beautiful and innovative textile prints. We believe that organic clothing doesn’t have to be that drab oatmeal color. We love color! But, certain inks and dyes can be environmentally damaging. PACT does not use inks or dyes that contain heavy metals and purposefully does not make any garments in optic white because of the harsh bleaches required to achieve a bright white.”

The part that I adore the most is that they make a trunk style for both men and women. Have you met the trunk yet? It is like a men’s boxer brief style but shorter at the legs and lower at the hips. The perfect fit as far as I am concerned! The girls just don’t get that adorable little Y-front that the men have but never use.

But you don’t need to take just my word for it… this company has been getting lots of attention and exposure from the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show and The New York Times.

I adore everything about this company… now I just need to get my hands on a pair of their undies to see if they really do hold their shape as well as they say (5% Elastane) and if they help me to swing from the trees in such a fun and elegant way as the lady in the first photo.