Hello Swimwear and Lingerie folks.

Cruising along through the internet, I couldn’t help but notice all the talk about spring vacations and warm, sunny beaches. All that severe vitamin D craving got me to wondering what some of my favorite designers have lined up for the cruising season?

I happened to stumble on Pistols new line of swimwear for the 15-25 year old set and all I can say is… HEY! I’m not 15 or 25 and I would definitely wear these styles! They are fun, hip and way different than the other collections out and about these days.

Check out these fabulous two pieces that work with female curves and yet appear to actually stay on and support said curves! It is a miracle!

All hyped up and loving that cute vintage touch of a girlish skirt on the two piece above, so I whipped on over to the Pistol Panties main site and saw…. ick. Wow, that is a really ugly swimsuit and it is actually making that gorgeous model look like a carpenter’s dream. What a shame!

I can’t bear to post a picture on it and ruin the nice little swimwear collage we have going on here, so you will either have to take my word on it or go and see for yourself!

I am definitely NOT feeling the monokini one piece in that hideous yellow. Some of the range is okay and the gallery shows some really lovely suits, but the initial retch factor on that homepage is difficult to overcome.

Thankfully I remembered that the main line is designed for a more mature, affluent customer, whereas the “Pistols” range is designed by Deborah Fleming to be glamorous but with a younger, sportier edge. She certainly nails that mission too!

There we go… that’s waay better. Luckily for us, the collection can be found easily at Victoria’s Secret here in the US (from March onwards) and from ASOS.com and Pistolpanties.com in the UK.

Off to see what other lovely things I can dig up… see you soon!