Hello Swimwear and Lingerie Friends!

Considering that the majority of the USA and a god part of Canada were all watching the Superbowl on Sunday, I thought I would just take a quick moment and look at what they have going on.

The Packers and Steelers were playing and blah blah, a whole lotta football went on. When it came to half time, however, there were a few choices. You could watch the official half time show, headlined by the Black Eyed Peas with Slash and Usher making brief cameos OR you could watch the Lingerie Bowl.

Apparently the ‘Peas’ put on a decently entertaining act and helped the football fans to weather the 12 minutes of down time passably well.

But I checked out the Lingerie Bowl, because, well…lingerie right?

First off, “the Lingerie Bowl is an annual pay-per-view Super Bowl halftime alternative that brings in viewers from around the world as lingerie-clad models face off for some tackle football” and as this article states, “The first thing one notices about the Lingerie Bowl are the uniforms. Tiny halter bra, tiny hot pants, hockey helmet, athletic shoes. OK, so you don’t notice the hockey helmets and athletic shoes.”

Frankly, I don’t really define that as lingerie. Yes, the bra and boy short undies qualify as underwear, however, when I think of lingerie, I generally think of a corset, camisoles, negligee etc…. you get the idea. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed on that front. However…

What I definitely noticed, however, was that these women were playing some really great football. Their bodies were hard, toned and their every move displayed their athleticism. It was really refreshing to see. I actually felt badly that they had to wear their gotchies to get any kind of media attention. After all, their plays and efforts were far more entertaining than most of the football I was watching at the Super Bowl.

So, final summary, lingerie= meh, not so much. Football= ladies were more interesting and better athletes.

I think I will stick with my usual plan of watching the Puppy Bowl every year instead… after all, they are adorable and I can help but say “doingey, doingey doingey as they “Pepe Le Pew” prance and sproing all over the place!