Warning Canadian Content

Warning Canadian Content

It’s about to get all political here in Swimwear and Lingerie; brace yourselves.

I happened to be reading the international news, as I do from time to time, and I found this hilarious little gem of a topic making the rounds in Canada.

Well, it has been quite a while since I have had any dealings with Canada Post and quite frankly, I don’t remember them having any personality, let alone an interest in lingerie. But really the whole mess appears to be due to a member of parliament not understanding the difference between ‘online shopping’ and ‘comparison shopping’ (as a feature to enable customers to locate locally produced items…Yah Nationalism!).

Translation? Yup, politicians are still stupid.

Apparently, the biggest political issue popping up over in Canada-land has to do with the crown corporation’s risque choice to feature an adult boutique in their comparison shopping page and that, quite frankly, isn’t really enough to interest me.

Bonnie Crombie

Bonnie Crombie: Anti Lingerie Activist!

What actually piqued my interest was this little statement from Bonnie Crombie; “Canada Post has an online store that features Canadian and American retailers selling racy lingerie, erotic products and even a link to the Adult Boutique. Does the Minister realize that children have access to this site and does he really think it is appropriate for Canada Post to be selling sex toys, racy accessories and other erotica?”

Remember the last time you were a kid and decided to go and check out your National Postal Service site? Yah, me neither.

The hysteria continues with this statement from Rob Merrifield, the Junior Minister in charge of the file; “It’s not appropriate for a Crown corporation to get into selling inappropriate materials and that’s where I’m at and I believe that’s what Canadians citizens expect of us, “

You will note I have highlighted the term that irritates me the most.

Inappropriate materials? Really? What is inappropriate? I had always assumed that Canadians were more liberal minded and open to sexual content than we Americans. Guess not.

Apparently the prudes all got elected. If you feel that lingerie has been unfairly stigmatised by Bonnie and Rob feel free to drop them a line and express your disappointment in their use of public office to further their own quakerish morality here.

Which makes me wonder what they think of these pictures, featuring some lovely people expressing their Nationalistic pride through their clothing choices.

And these lovely Ladies are sure proud of their country, if a little miffed at the cold weather;

Seems to me, that if someone is an elected official, representing their community, the least they could do would be to understand the actual issues and realize that their hyperbolic stance on a non issue is a decided waste of time and effort.

I mean, c’mon people, the lingerie was used as an example of things that people were searching for, to buy online. It was NOT being sold by Canada Post. Sheesh.

Don’t worry every one, we will get back to the important things tomorow, for today, I guess I will just need to funnel my rage into extra internet surfing for some actual feel good stories and news items concerning swimwear and lingerie.