Well, the New Year is almost here and can you believe I didn’t get a single piece of lingerie over the holidays?

Seriously!!!!! I love all my gifts of course, but… but… where are all the little bits of satin, lace and bows? I searched my stocking high and low for some chic womens stockings. Nope, nary a one. Sigh.

I think I have made it irrefutably obviously that I really love lingerie. Wouldn’t you agree?

So I guess, it is all up to me now.

Since I will be indulging myself, I am looking to Ophelia Fancy for their sumptuous and slightly naughty Queen of Hearts collection.

There are quite a few different items and several different looks possible once you begin to mix and match. Now, had I won the lottery, and could be completely indulgent, I would certainly go for the complete outfit; Queen of Hearts, Ruff, Corset and Knickers. How cute are they?

But in reality land (where I live, sadly) I must be a little more economical in my choices.

Let me see… hmmm. Well, while I am daydreaming let me introduce you to the design duo behind this gorgeous label.

Em and Stevi are quite possibly the most innovative and interesting designers on the lingerie scene at the moment! I adore each and every one of their collections and the wicked “off the beaten path” aesthetic they bring to their gallery photos and advertisements. Their lingerie has the vintage styling I adore and how creative are those pasties? So very cute!

Now, all I have to do is decide between the High Waisted Silk Knickers, Silk Slip or the Stunning Retro Styled Suspender Belt.

Bah…. I’m no good at choosing…. which would you choose?

I’m off to do some coin flipping and creative budgeting to make my decision…. wish me luck!