Alrightey Folks, here we go… it’s the posting you’ve all been waiting for… Scott’s adventures with A$$less undies.

Take it away Scott:
Hello there Swimwear and Lingerie readers. My name is Scott and I am your victim of the day. Just kidding, this was a memorable experience and quite frankly has been more than inspiring for my dear wife.

I was given the |baskit| Ribbed Jock Briefs to test out and test them out I did. I am a Stay-at-Home-Dad, so I am the one in charge of the morning school runs and sporting/arts/library activity attendee. I started my morning with a playful little smack and a “Who’s your Daddy?” from my wife as she headed out to work. With both sets of cheeks turning red I noticed my preschooler staring at me. He asked why I was wearing my jock when I wasn’t playing hockey. So, I had to explain that these were my fancy underwear and that I was going to write a review of what I thought of them. He said (and I quote) “Huh”, and we carried on with our morning. I assumed he had forgotten all about it….riiiight.

I got the baby up and ready to go and we hit the school yard with plenty of time. I stood with all the other parents as we waited for the morning bell to signal that we could enter the school. I had of course forgotten that I was wearing the fabulous new undies until my son giggled, slapped my butt and said “Who’s your Daddy?” Now that every one was staring at us and killing themselves laughing, I got to explain to him that it was funny once when Mommy did it, but that it wasn’t really appropriate for the school yard. Then I got to explain to all the smirking adults present that I was reviewing a new pair of underwear for Swimwear and Lingerie and that my wife had been having a little fun in honor of my new underwear. At which point, my dear son piped up that the new briefs were so fancy, that they didn’t even have a bum….. Thank the underwear Gods for that school bell. We raced in got him settled and raced out. Phew, this reviewing stuff was a little more tricky than I had initially realized.

The day went by fast, our baby had her naps and ate her meals without once mentioning my new skivvies, which I really appreciated (of course, she is still an infant and can’t speak yet, but hey! I’ll take what I can get). I actually felt like I was going commando. The undies didn’t bunch or bind up on me anywhere and quite frankly the lack of posterior coverage really didn’t take much getting used to. I felt contained and able to move around unimpeded and I was completely comfortable. The waist band stayed put and I can say with absolute authority that there is no chance of getting a wedgie in these!

I was able to pick up my darling son without too much underwear talk and we zipped over for our regular gymnastics lesson. I had, of course, forgotten that at least half of his little preschool buddies also attended the same class, so I got to wax poetic about mens underwear and various pros and cons of the different styles. The Moms were pretty intrigued with it all and I think at least half of the Dad’s at the preschool are going to be getting a pair of these in their stocking this Christmas.

After Gymnastics, we went to the library to drop off our overdue movies and books and barely managed to avoid another underwear discussion with the guy at the urinal in the men’s room. From there, we went home for dinner and I handed the kids over to my darling wife, grabbed my equipment and headed to play hockey.

Yup… you read that right, I went to hockey, without changing first. I forgot I had them on until I got into the dressing room. They really are that comfortable. A kind of silence fell around me as I was getting changed into my kit. It took a bit before I noticed, because I was talking to my buddy, but when he didn’t answer, I clued in. I stood tall and proud and said, “yup, that’s right. I’m wearing jock underwear. If Zach Galifianakis can do it, then so can I!” The guys immediately started quoting the best lines from the movie “The Hangover” and poof, I was a semi celebrity. Game went well and I came home to a little lady who had been thinking about me all day. Long story short… these undies are great. They hold the junk in, encourage happiness in the world and help a guy get through the day with a swagger and a smile. What more can you ask for?

Thanks Scott, excellent review! Our final review will be courtesy of our dear friend James who will be putting the |baskit| Snugfit Seamless briefs through their paces. Tune in next week to see how a Robotics Engineer will approach an underwear review.