Well, hello lovely Readers.

Today we will be hearing all about the adventures of our first test model Rich as he wore a pair of |baskit| Actioncool Low Rise Trunk undies.

Here is a visual of the test product.



Take it away Rich!

Well, Hi there Swimwear and Lingerie enthusiasts. First off, let me say that this is quite possibly the strangest thing that a woman has asked me to do recently. I have always considered myself to be a strong supporter of swimwear and lingerie, but usually on women. I had never really thought about it for myself, aside from a gag pair of undies with an elephant’s trunk on the front, that I got in my stocking one year. ‘Nuff said about that.

I agreed to test out the undies and figured it would be the same old tightey whiteys that the stores all stock. Then, after mentioning the project to a few people and getting some disturbing accounts of g-strings and restrictive gold lame thongs I went running back to Maggie asking for a little more clarification on what she considered appropriate mens underwear.

After directing me to the |baskit| website and assuaging my fears, she mentioned that this designer underwear would most likely blow mind, since all I had ever worn were Fruit of the Loom type mass produced underwear.

I figured she must have been sniffing the potpourri a little too much. After all, undies are undies right?

So, last week, she turns up on my doorstep with a package and a smile and tells me to give them a whirl and “BE HONEST”. I promised to give the absolute truth and nothing but the truth so help me skivvies.


Chuck "Caveman" Coker

Seriously, this sounds idiotic, but I had an underwear epiphany.

I took them out of the package and had a good look at them. Cotton, kinda stretchy, same basic shape as my usual stuff, if a little smaller than my usual style. Meh, nothing overly mind blowing here…. then I put them on.

They were really light. The little pocket thingy in the front actually cupped my junk bits and pieces. Seriously, there was a lifting and supportive action going on that was refreshingly comforting. I don’t mean to say that my danglers were squished together, because they weren’t, everything was held in place and kept comfortably cool. Which I suppose is where the whole cool part of the Actioncool comes in. Now granted, I didn’t play rugby in them, but I did have to run to catch the train before AND after work and had to have dinner out with my girlfriend’s parents. Tell me you wouldn’t appreciate some cooling undies in those situations!

The waistband sat lower than my usual skivvies and didn’t annoy the heck out of me by constantly trying to fight with the waistband of my pants and, I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I think that the lower waist band looked better on me too. I was more “super cool computer geek” rather than “that guy with his undies pulled up to his nipples”. {sorry for the visual} No, really, it kinda helped show off all the hard work at the gym a bit better.

The length of the leg was nice too, it didn’t come down too far or ride up too high. Geez, now I sound like Goldilocks. Likewise, the length seemed to stop at the perfect point to make my quads look good, which was certainly a nice surprise. The leg openings were a bit tight, but your mileage may vary. Although I am a geek, I am also a rugby player, so my legs tend to be rather bulky muscle

The color combo was okay and certainly surprised the heck out of my girlfriend, who is used to seeing me in plain solid colors. Incidentally, she really wants a pair of these for herself after seeing how nicely they showed off my physique. I told her to get her own lingerie, these were mine! {Seriously babe, a little lace and ribbon would be a nice change from the granny pants} I would like to think that her reaction and the ensuing fun were completely due to my charm, but hey, who knows? These undies, may just be magical.

Would I buy these for myself? Absolutely. Previously, I would have said, “Nah, undies are undies”, but now, I know that you get what you pay for. These puppies now have pride of place in my drawer and are starring on my holiday gift list.

Well, I guess it is safe to say he rather liked them. Actually, he liked them so much that he has asked to be a test model for any other reviews we undertake in the future. Who would have thought it of our shy computer guy?

Next week, I will be introducing you to my dear friend Paul. He is 29, a professional dancer and will be reviewing |baskit|’s Bodyart Boxer Brief. See what he said about putting these undies through their paces and what a typical young man does when faced with a dare at a poker party while wearing sexy new undies!