Emergency-Bra- Gas Mask Bra

Seriously folks, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Dr. Elena Bodnar has created the Emergency Bra in an effort to equip women with safe and reliable protection in the event of an emergency or disaster. The bra can be worn daily as a support garment until it is needed, then the woman will remove her bra, detach the cups to make two halves, place the mask on her face, adjust the straps to ensure that it will remain on the head hands free and then snug the upper portion against her nose to achieve a tight fit. She can then locate some one else that is in need of a mask and help them to put on the other half.

A Lovely Piece of Lingerie

Red Emergency Bra Worn as a Bra

The inventive Doctor was inspired by the debilitating illnesses following the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. She felt that a product like the Emergency Bra would help “reduce the health consequences of accidents involving harmful airborne particles, such as those released by fire, explosion, terrorist, radiological, biological attack and natural disasters.” Dr. Bodnar sees the Emergency bra as a “protective garmetn that can easily be transformed into two respiratory face masks in case of emergency. The Emergency Bra is an example of a public risk management tool that can provide a person with a critical time window that might be sufficient to escape from life threatening environments.”

The Couple That Breathes Clean Air Together Stays Together

His and Hers Gas Masks

I think her idea is wonderful and agree completely with the Committee in charge of alloting the Nobel Prize, it is definitely a worthy invention. I can see it being a useful part of a uniform for frontline emergency services workers, journalists, missionaries and the like, in unstable communities or hazardous geographical locales.

Frankly, they may want to look at adding a few different color variations as well as expanding their size range and styles to include some sports bras and nursing bras. Currently, they are offering the Bra in 32B to 40C, which leaves out a large portion of the bra wearing population. Perhaps once the idea has had some more exposure, and more people recognize it’s value as a day to day disaster preparedness item, the company will be able to expand their offerings, but until then I would be one of those people gasping for air in the event of a disaster.

On a brighter side, there won’t be any civilians hurt by my unrestrained chest as I flee the danger zone and no children pyschologically harmed by the sight of my heaving, unsupported chest flying by. See? There is always a silver lining.