Itty Bitty Bra- Signature Lightly Padded Bra, Pink

Itty Bitty Bra- Signature Lightly Padded Bra, Pink

As someone who has run the gamut of sizes in my adult lifetime, and is currently rocking the voluptuous look, I am always inspired when I see a company that not only recognizes a weakness in the marketplace but works to correct that problem. Especially when the industry is one that is still seen as taboo (ridiculous, I know) as the lingerie world.

Considering that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size and fit of bra daily, it is no wonder that those at the further ends of the “average” spectrum will have problems locating appropriate items. If the majority of women are having difficulties getting a comfortable and supportive fit and the lingerie industry is supposedly designing these pieces with them in mind, then larger or smaller folks don’t stand a chance of finding a comfort bra never mind a stylish specialty bra.

Itty Bitty Bra- Home Page

To the rescue…The Itty Bitty Bra Site.

With a fun and clearly “proud of our client’s size range” name the company couldn’t have a boring web page. The website is colorful and easy to navigate with several features to make even the most reticent shopper feel at ease. I have to admit, I giggled and amused myself for longer than a grown adult should, when I realized I could make the animated girl hula dance. Hey! It’s the little things in life!

Recognizing that the needs of smaller chested and framed women was vastly different from those requiring a C cup and larger, Jane Alden Hogdon, IBB Designs President and CEO, set out to develop “a product that will not gap, pucker, or slip. We are concentrating on the AA & A & Bs”.

Itty Bitty Bra- Removeable Pad, Black

In order to help their clientele better choose their products, Itty Bitty Bra includes an informative Our Fit page on their site. The walk their customers through the steps to properly measure their dimensions and then translate those measurements into the standardized sizing. Here at Swimwear and Lingerie, we are always grateful to any one who will take the cringe and confusion out of sizing bras, so hats off to Itty Bitty Bra for doing everything they can to make the ordering process easier. If you refuse to buy lingerie over the internet (and who hasn’t been burned before by ordering the wrong size?) You can check their Where to Find us Page to locate the nearest lingerie store that is carrying these little gems.

Their lines are beautifully feminine with a strong focus on comfort and function. The bralettes are trimmed in stretch lace and come complete with adjustable shoulder straps so that women can get that personalized custom fit. The attention to detail and aesthetics is equally evident in the bras in the collection.

Itty Bitty Bra- Strapless, Nude

The strapless bra features a deep plunge between the cups to accommodate some of the more revealing styles popular these days. They offer bras in a full array of padded, unpadded and removable padding in a variety of basic colors, as well as some playful “couture” fabrics.

Even though they have gained plenty of well deserved media attention and exposure, they aren’t sitting back and resting. Check out their Coming Soon page for some incredible new styles and colors coming up in their next collection! Every woman deserves to have gorgeous and comfortable lingerie, thank goodness the creative designers at Itty Bitty Bra were able to answer that challenge.



Itty Bitty Bra- Couture Black Polka Dot