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I have a special treat for you this week! An interview with the husband and wife team behind The Intimate Guide. Rachel tells us about how it all began, where it’s going and why it has been one heck of a ride.

1. Tell me about the start of Intimate Guide. How did you, as a couple, come to specialize in the somewhat taboo world of lingerie?

Jeff and I decided to combine our personal love for lingerie, knowledge of the internet and the humor found in makeover shows such as “What Not to Wear” as a project we could work on together. It’s hard for people who understand the importance of the right underwear to NOT whip out our cell phones in public and take photos of things people do wrong when putting an outfit together, or when a woman is so obviously wearing the wrong bra to the gym, or trashy thongs hanging out of jeans at theme parks. But we have chosen to focus on the positive and try to educate rather than embarrass the average Jane Doe, soccer mommy who desperately needs to be re-measured.

Sheer Mesh Bra and Panty Set

Sheer Mesh Bra and Panty Set

2. Do you sell the lingerie you review or do you get any form of compensation from the company?

Our online store is currently unavailable. Occasionally we’ll receive commission when an item sells through our site. Some items we receive samples of. Some items are so unique we choose to feature them as soon as we hear about them rather than trying to first contact the manufacturer. Most lingerie companies have PR firms who email us daily about new products.

Luxury Lingerie from Aubade

Luxury Lingerie from Aubade

3. Have you ever had to give an unfavorable review of a site or product before?

If there is a product we really don’t like and we received it as a free sample, I will contact the company and ask if they would prefer a negative review or no review at all. If it is a product I bought with my own money, I have no issue with posting a negative review. Otherwise our site won’t be honest or helpful.

Deep Red and Black Lace Bra and Panty Set

Deep Red and Black Lace Bra and Panty Set

4. You spend your day working with, talking about and immersed in lingerie… what do you do to relax?

Try it all on! Well, only sometimes… We exercise a lot, go boating and hiking, hang out with our daughters and visit all the beautiful places Florida has to offer.

Retro Styled Lingerie Set

Lucy B,1

5. How did you celebrate National Underwear Day?

This year we were on a boat with friends all day and it occurred to us at about 4:30 PM that it was National Underwear Day and (because we were in swimsuits) neither of us was wearing underwear! So when we showered and changed for dinner we wore brand new underwear. Jeff’s were boxer briefs from Diesel and mine were a Maidenform® One Size For All stretch lace thong.

Gorgeous Ladies and Gorgeous Swimsuits

Swimsuits were so feminie back then weren't they?

6. What makes you uniquely qualified to offer an opinion on lingerie and intimate apparel? What do you feel you offer your readers that other sites don’t?

Our training spans about 14 years and includes our own research, tips from experts, and being exposed to every available underwear option. We’ve tried on more underwear in the past few months than most people wear in 5 years. We also offer our opinion to manufacturers about fit, fabric, web site development, and more.

victorian black brocade coutil tight lacing custom made

LaBelleFairy alley cat corset

7. Do you have any plans for the future of the site? Will you be expanding your focus from giveaways, review articles and news or offering your readers anything new in the coming months?

September is National Yoga Month and we shift our focus to sportswear. October is National Pajama Month when we focus on sleepwear. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’ve teamed up with some other web teams to create the Breast Alliance. We’re looking to support a participant in a Susan G. Komen 3 day for the Cure. Details can be found here.

Nightwear Babydoll

Fred & Ginger Baby Doll

8. Who do you feel is really listening to the consumer and developing essential products that people both need and want?

Brands that seem to fill in the gaps for ladies lingerie are regularly showcased on our lingerie blog. The most attuned ones are Spanx, Maidenform, Le Mystere and Fashion Forms.

full slip- figleaves USA

Spanx full slip- figleaves USA

9. If you could be a fly on any lingerie designer’s wall who would it be and why?

The first name that comes to mind is Ann Deal of Fashion Forms. She has been in the business for over 25 years, and her products solve problems we all have – such as which specialty bra to wear under a low cut, strapless dress if you’re a D-cup. I’d also love to have a pow wow with Steven Castellano of Maidenform. They make a lot of products for juniors, and as a mom of teenage daughters I think we could learn a lot from each other.

Strapless Option for Plus 'D' cups

Basque from Panache

10. What is your top beef with the lingerie industry? If you could fix just one thing, what would it be?

Bad web sites. Lingerie companies are so interested in sites that look romantic or luxurious that they forget to make them easy to use and easy for Google to find.
Many of our readers would say “strapless bras that stay up” or “bras without padding and underwire for my daughter.” Those are the most common complaints from women outside of the lingerie industry that I hear. (For the record, Le Mystere strapless bras stay put all day long! But I, too, am still trying to find the best bra for tweens.)

Black Strapless Bra for size 'D' and Up


Well, there you have it folks. This couple has the world’s coolest job and yet still manages to remain unfailingly friendly and endearing. Theirs is one site that I read on a daily basis and consider to be source of rock solid advice and common sense reviews.