The lingerie industry has come a long way since the 1950s when support wear was considered a painful necessity and right-of-passage for women. Most form wear was overly restrictive and tried to mold women’s bodies into unnatural shapes such as the “bullet boob” or the teeny tiny “wasp waist” look.

A frightening example of an unnatural silhouette

A frightening example of an unnatural silhouette, Queen Maude of Norway

A dress requiring serious shapewear

Marilyn Monroe rocking the bullet-boob look

With the advent of lycra, memory foam and moisture wicking materials ,shapewear has become a comfortable and sexy option without the previous aches and pains.
A shapewear slip is usually a thigh length body shaper that is meant to be worn under very light flimsy fabrics. There are numerous examples of red carpet looks that are just screaming for the appropriate shapewear.

Shannon Doherty needing a serious shapewear intervention

When good dresses go wrong

Tummy bulge distracts us from the Gorgeous lines of the dress

A strapless shapewear slip could have really helped!

It will sometimes include a shelf or underwire bra and support panels to smooth the back and sides of the body and have stocking snaps at the bottom. Various types of shapewear slips offer differing degrees of jiggle support and smoothing ability but may have a bit more of a restrictive feel. Slips can be strapless, have spaghetti straps or with wider straps for a smoother shoulder top. Spaghetti straps are generally less supportive than the wider straps but will disappear inside a dress much more easily.

When shopping for body shaping garments, it is essential to bring the outfit you intend to wear over top along with you. When a shapewear slip fits well, it will visually disappear under the dress while streamlining your figure and preventing any visible lines from detracting from your appearance. An improperly sized control garment will either ride up and bunch under your clothes if it is too large, or it will create even more lines and bulges than you had before.

This dress would have benefited from some controling shapewear

Mariah Carey showing the battle of the bulge we all deal with.

You will also want to ensure that you can move and breathe freely while wearing the slip. Reject anything that appears to hamper your range of motion, after all, if it does that in 5 minutes, imagine what an entire evening would feel like. You should feel comfortably supported, just like your favourite t-shirt bra. Considering how gorgeous these ladies look, you may even look for excuses to put it on. Contemporary shaping garments are just as pretty as the clothing they are accentuating. Check out these beautiful slips and think how fancy you could feel too.

Shapewear to show off

Slinkies minidress-Figleaves USA, Shapewear to show off

No bulges in sight!

Miracle clothing

Do you have to wear something over top?

White Shapewear slip with stocking clips

All in all, shapewear should become your new best friend. It will always tell you the truth and would never let out of the house with more lines and bulges than poor Mrs Carey is showcasing above.