Hosiery can be a boon or battle depending or both at the same time. Who hasn’t made it to their lunch hour and already had to change their panty hose at least once? I always buy them in sets of two because I am guaranteed to shred one just in the act of putting it on. I have also perfected the complex yet necessary art of hiking up my nylons to prevent the stretched out crotch from peeking out below my hem line. Otherwise known as having a bad case of kindergarten crotch, it is incredibly difficult to maintain any dignity in a professional situation when you need to haul them back into position.

droopy stockings

Photo Courtesy of Markusram

Womens stockings are made to stretch. It’s part of their appeal and the reason why they can come in such small packages. However, they can only stretch so far before losing their elasticity and drooping like the saggy skin of an aged elephant. Even fishnets lose their sex appeal when they are bunched and shapeless, you may as well be wearing compression stockings. You can either give up and just wear socks with your skirts and dresses or be brave and try a new approach.

If you really can’t find anything that doesn’t require readjusting every 10 minutes, then the best solution is thigh highs. Just avoid the issue all together. Thigh high womens stockings come in several different types to ensure proper comfort and fit. Some types have elasticized tops to keep them in place and others rely on garter belts. There really is something magical about the way the straps of a good garter belt feels on the body that you will notice an extra wiggle in your walk. Either way, you feel like Marilyn Monroe when you step out wearing them and that can only be a good thing. The best part of a garter belt is that it is designed to be combined with some seriously luxe looking lingerie and who are you to deny it the joy of matching separates?

Outfit by Kiss Me Deadly, Photo Courtesy of froufroufashionista blog