All this hot spring weather has me excited to begin the swimwear season as soon as possible. While cruising the internetz and looking for some inspiring trends I stumbled across Sarah Scotford’s Swimwear designs and was instantly tickled by her use of strong iconic actresses as the namesakes for her designs.

One shouldered black suit with rip detailing

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She is bang on with this gorgeous black one piece with peekaboo rip details named after the illustrious Debbie Harry! Who wouldn’t feel a little of the rock star glitz and confidence while swimming and cavorting in one of these? Paired with an animal print or black chiffon cover up and a cute pair of gladiator sandals this suit will give you the confidence and comfort of a one piece while revealing tantalizing glimpses of your body.

The Liz bikini

Majestic purple bikini with chain details Photo courtesy of

The ‘Liz’ Bikini from Sarah Scotfords Swimwear Line. A rich aubergine color of this bikini is perfectly accented by the sexy gold studding and thick chain sides and straps. I’m not sure how comfortable the chain details would be in the water or after an hour or so in the blazing sun, but as an elegant suit for socializing with friends at a party, you can’t go wrong. You will feel as imperious as Liz Taylor did during her stint as Cleopatra, but hopefully with much less eye makeup.

Sarah Scotford has certainly offered up plenty of options for a variety of tastes and body types with lots of splashes of color and bling for interest. Sarah Scotford, as a model and makeup artist who is necessarily plugged into the fashion, is right on trend with these suits and, of course, if I had a body like this, I would never get tired of designing suits to flit about in either! I think this is a designer to keep our eyes on. Her designs are the perfect showcase for the female body and are almost too pretty to risk wear and tear through real swimming.

According to her site; “As a former swimsuit model, Sarah had the chance to wear hundreds of different suits. “And none of them were ever edgy enough,” she says. “I was always searching for something a little more rock n roll”.Having styled herself and other models, she got to see first hand what cuts and styles really flattered the female form. On her quest to find innovative sexy swimwear, Sarah was coming up short. A photographer suggested to her that she give it try herself. So she did – creating her first bikinis by hand and then taking them around to different photo shoots and boutiques.” And we are so glad that she did!

Personally, I think the Jayne Mansfield bikini may be in my future. As a fellow shapely lady, I think this suit will go perfectly with my curves while satisfying my love of all things vintage glamour.


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